Dash Figure

Build a website with Python by Flask and Dash

使用 Python Flask & Dash 建立網站


You could refer to my demo site comziz.com . 本篇文章, 真實的範例, 如 comziz.com 所示.

Flask Server

Python Flask server is used to construct the system thoroughly. For its simplicity and flexibility, I could quickly make the structure. As you could see the CryptoCoin section in the sidebar, it is using render_template() to generate the page. 
Python Flask Server 是用來建構完整網站的基石. 因為它的簡單便利以及靈活彈性, 讓我們可以很快地完成網站的架構. 在範例網站中, 加密貨幣(CryptoCoin) 就是使用 render_template() 完成的頁面.

Dash Server

As you know about Dash which is used for interactive visualization, I also implement Dash interaction functions in my site to make the statistical figures more active and readable. Taiwan Covid-19 analysis is an example.

如你所知 Dash 強大的互動式圖表功能, 我也用來實作資料的分析. 讓分析的工作可以更活潑可讀. 如 台灣Covid19 的確診分析, 即為一例. 

In the end, I recommend you to study more Flask and Dash for your own system, which could serve you efficiently.  Over the next few months, I will keep working on AI, Data Mining, and Stock sections. 

If you are interested in building projects, please feel free to write me at river.hsu@comhawk.com 

最後, 我建議你有致於相關領域的發展, 可以多研究 Flask & Dash. 可以省卻你很多的時間. 在接下來的幾個月裏, 我會陸續完成 AI, 資料探勘, 股票分析等範例. 敬請期待. 

如果你有興趣自己的專案, 也可以和我聯絡. 如頁底的手機聯絡方式. 或寫信至 river.hsu@comhawk.com