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Introduction to new Products AR/VR

You must know how AR / VR to speed up your chances !

High performance AR/VR engine is to impress you with how good we are. The dynamically interactive scenes will make your customers impressed and excited about your live products.
The fluent animation is just in their eyes and fingers that you will never be regret to invest this new technology for your customers.

We are the top leaders in AR/VR engine team in Taiwan. With our products, you could apply this new technology in :

  1. Medical Research and training
  2. Remote interaction, like meeting, chatting and teaching.
  3. The showroom for embdeding new products in living environment. For example, furniture, decoration and sample houses, etc.,

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High Mountain Green Tea in Taiwan

Taiwan is famous for Taiwan High Mountain Tea which is full of natural aroma. High Mountain tea is featured with growth in high altitude with fresh air, clean water.

In the maturation before coming to a product, it will take time and take a lot s of fine procedures to present their quality.

In the end, the green and fresh aroma are remarked. Wanna try it ? or looking for sources for Taiwan High Mountain teas? contact us at